Thursday, January 2, 2014

Help me! I'm Dyeing!

Nienke introduced Beth to Ann Johnston's DVD, Color by Accident.  Beth got all excited and told me it was worth a semester in college. So I watched it.  She was right!  I had no idea how little I knew about dyeing!  Now I know why Nancy Crow recommended Ann's Color by Accident when a student at the Barn asked Nancy for a recommendation.  I immediately bought the pure 14 colors from Prochem and started trying Ann's dyeing techniques.

In fact, I was so inspired by the Color by Accident DVD that I am going to be a Guest Artist for February.  I am going to be sharing some of what I learned so far and trying more of Ann's techniques. Two of my friends and past Resident Artists on the Fire blog, Beth Schnellenberger and Laura McGrath, are joining me.  

I hope you will join us too!  If you love Ann Johnston and want to dye with us in February, contact me at and we'll make plans!


  1. I took a half day class with Ann many years ago....I was religious about measuring, documenting but bad am I!!! Very!! I may need a refresher course!!! Look forward to February!

  2. This is why I loved the DVD. She was only scrupulous about making the dye concentrate, then not so much. I remember smiling when I saw her "just adding". I DO see the benefit of documenting when first starting out.

  3. I got my DVDs yesterday in the mail, started watching last night! Hope the weather warms up a bit soon so I can try some of the techniques out.

  4. I will definetely join you to get rid of my 'just one step'= dyeing approach, see where it brings us!

  5. Last year almost everything I made used either my own hand dyed, hand-painted or rust-dyed fabric.

    I love dyeing - but I use Melody Jonhson's "lazy dyer" method and feel I could get more and better results - so I am really looking forward to taking this "class" with you. :)


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