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Friday, January 10, 2014

Kelly Hendrickson and "Texture is the spice of life"

Creating Texture with Fabric and Mixed Media

"Texture is the spice of art" just like variety is the spice of life.  In the month of August we are going to look at different ways of adding texture to our art.  We will, of course, be using fabrics and stitching for texture.  And we will also play with paint, molding paste and other things to incorporate into our work.  

How about grabbing one of those UFOs hanging around (or am I the only one who has those things????) and starting to transform it into something textured? Or perhaps a piece you have even completed but it just isn't quite what you had hoped for? "Ugly Duckling" fabrics are great for this technique as well because with some of the options....you don't see the original fabric at all!!

I will also be introducing you to three of my artist friends who use texture very well in their art. They will be using the same techniques but, knowing them, they will take it off the charts! AND I'm hoping many of you will take on the challenge of adding texture to your art works and come  play with us!"


  1. I have 'ticked off' August! :)

  2. Texture is one of my favorite things to make in fiber art.

  3. this looks like it is going to be a busy year for learning, sharing and doing... looking forward to your information.

  4. This sounds great. Count me in


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