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Monday, January 20, 2014

One more for the road...

I have one more "dyed in the wool" dyeing enthuiast come aboard for the deconstructed Silk Screening. She even has her own dyeing studio. Woo Hoo

Let her tell you:

My name is Judy Schneider and I do not have a blog, but I write comments under the name of Judy from Northport.
I consider myself a dyer rather than a quilter, mostly because I love dyeing and don't love quilting as much.  
You might ask what I do with my fabric - well, mostly I hug it.  

I have taken a number of classes at ProChem and other places.  I am registered in Ann Johnston's class on layering at QBL this July.

I do have some experience with dsp, having studied the process with Rayna.  I found it to be really rewarding and mysteriously beautiful in its results.

I am excited to welcome Judy and see her take on DSP.


  1. 'You might ask what I do with my fabric - well, mostly I hug it.' So me, looking very much forward to this month project!

  2. I took Ann Johnson's class 2 years ago and loved her.


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