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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sugar Syrup revisited

Sorry Kathy, to interrupt your series with my final results of the sugar syrup of the August experiment, but I am too happy with the final results to leave them in the cupboard without sharing.
And after all, it is painted with thickened dyes, which makes it a bit more acceptable perhaps ;-).

I left the self-made sugar-syrup in the refrigerator for another 2 weeks, without covering, and it got nice thick and still clear... So I used it in printing with kitchen-stamps on the PFD fabric:
This a glass-print:

After one day:

And I printed with a plastic cover, a cork, and a baking form:

Painted with thickened procion dyes, including soda-ash:
Sprayed it a little with water, to facilitate the batching:

It´s magic seeing the sugar crystals pop up:

After two hours batching, rinsing and ironing, I was very happy to see the results:


I will make myself a nice new agenda cover for the new year!

PS. all the other sugar syrups didn´t work for me, please check my blog in dutch, the pictures will speak for themselves ;-).

Ok Kathy, now I´m ready to join the new September experiment!


  1. Nienke, I love how these attempts came out! I see what you mean with the other syrups... too runny, and they did resist the dyes too well! But I like the results shown here well enough to try sugar syrup again... never thought of leaving the container open in the refrigerator! Will try that next time.

  2. These are SO nice. I love the way the syrup "bubbles" and "crystallizes" to make such organic markings in the cloth.

  3. I love your dyed fabrics! I want to see them soon.

  4. I credit you with staying with this project looking for smashing results which you have now achieved. Great work as always Nienke.

  5. These are marvelous! I am still playing around with it also. I have found that the syrup performs better after it's been refrigerated for a while.

  6. Nienke, these are great. Now you can take all the thickened dyes you mixed and see what results you get with brushes. I wonder if you could work some of the syrup into a painting? hmm


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