Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Turn At Dye Painting

Well, it took me the whole month but I finally got a chance to try dye painting.

 Here is the picture of the daylily that was an  influence for the first picture and here are some progress pictures.  I used a yard of fabric ripped into 4 pieces.  I drew an outline using charcoal because I thought it would wash out nicely.

And here is the fabric washed out, dried, and ironed.
I tried a second floral picture.
I thought I would love this technique but not so much.  That was not the technique's fault but my choice of subject.  I tried painting in a more realistic style and I don't like the constraint of doing that.  I made a bad choice.  Since  I was tired of trying to draw pictures  I just dumped the dye out of my little containers and just spread it around.  Frankly,  I can only handle trying to be controlled and close to reality for so long before I have to rebel.   I liked the result so much that I spread a second piece of fabric on top of it and to make a print of the original.  Here they are.


  1. I like all your "paintings," but you KNOW my favorites are the abstracts! I may have to use this "method" for my own leftovers.

  2. I actually think with some thread work the flowers might sharpen BUT you've got to love it. Is it the subject?? I DO love the last piece - very jazzy and cool. I'd love to see that quilted.

  3. ohhh love love these - I do a lily piece yearly and have been thinking about next years (since I usually start in Jan/Feb) I want to try some thicken dye painting - how did you mix yours?

  4. I like your paintings but I really like the abstracts. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. I understand where you're coming from! I painted for several years, and did like to replicate using photos, but I have loosened up considerably over the years, and now prefer abstract in most cases. What I like about thickened dyes is I can control their flow more than unthickened, which we all know loves to bleed and travel. Sometimes that's what I want, but not always. So using the thickener is a nice option, don't you think? Nice job, on all counts! It's good to venture outside of our comfort zone occasionally to try new things!

  6. I really love both of your floral pictures--if you really don't want to finish up with some thread work, send them to me and I'd be happy to do it!

  7. Both of these are beautiful -- I love the colors you used.


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