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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The end, but hopefully only the beginning!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts this month!  I touched on a variety of things you can do with your fabric stash, and a few fun techniques you might want to try!  I hope you will check out the tutorials and links I included… one of the best things for me about the internet is the incredible wealth of information I have found to give me inspiration and knowledge.  So have fun, play, try new things and enjoy the journey!  Thanks for spending some time with me, and thanks to Beth for inviting me to be a guest blogger again at “… And Then We Set it on Fire”!


  1. Thank you for your joyful fabric contribution to growing imaginations!

  2. Judy thank you for a very interesting month full of inspiration.

  3. Thanks Judy. What a great month of fun ideas!!

  4. Judy,
    It's been a terrific month. You've given all of us an inspired view of your creative life. Thank you. I just wish you live closer to Charleston, SC so that you could be a part of the 'Fiber' life down here. If you are ever in the area, please contact me for a cup of tea. Luann Fischer

  5. Thanks, all! Glad you liked my posts, and hope they inspire you to play and create, using your fabric! Luann, I'm not much of a traveler, but if I ever do get over your way, I have a list of fiber friends I hope to visit with!

  6. Judy, I especially enjoyed your posts about fabric coiled baskets which are a favorite of mine to create too. Will you share the info for the Facebook group you mentioned that shares ideas on fabric coiled baskets? Thanks for sharing you artistry!

    1. I think I shared the name of the FB group in an earlier post, but if you search on "cotton rope bowls mats and bags" in facebook, you should find it and can ask to be added to the group. Thanks for your lovely comments, and I hope to see you on FB soon!


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