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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Covered Notepads

I consider these notepad covers a stash buster, but they are also a great item for gift giving, or selling at craft shows... they don't cost a lot to make and they are really attractive and very handy as well!

I found a really great tutorial on line several years ago for making these.  Here’s the link for instructions to make this great gift item!  You will note that the author shows how to use an altered photo technique to create your own unique fabric, but any beautiful fabric will do!  Above is an example of several I have made using fabrics I hand dyed.  The bright orange one is the result of a surface design round robin I participated in several years ago.  So use your imagination, and show off your great fabric stash!  


  1. they look good. Your link took me to a page with a link to a pdf of how to make it but that brought me to page not found, can you help. thanks in anticipation

  2. Yes, I found that the original link didn't work either. Any other way to get the instructions? They look interesting.

  3. Sorry about the broken link... I have uploaded the .pdf to Google and corrected the link. Try it now and let me know if it still doesn't work.

  4. Works fine, thanks for the speedy response, if only all things were so quickly resolved.


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