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Monday, August 29, 2016

Background Check - Week 4 - PHOTO

It seems to me that so many art quilters I meet also love photography. Personally I have a HUGE collection of random photos of all kinds of things. I use them for inspiration mostly. But I wanted to integrate a photo even more into my art as an experiment.

A couple of years ago I was creating pieces in the theme of Earth. I chose to depict 4 amazing natural wonders. One of those was the Giant Sequoias in California. We had taken some trips while in California and I LOVE the way the trees look in a morning mist. THAT is want I wanted to show. The tall giants peacefully standing in the forest, the trees in the distance fading into a mere shadow. In the distance they turn into a more gray scale background. But how to do that was the question...to make them distant and fading yet discernable.

I had previously printed a photo onto silk organza and loved the ethereal effect. If I printed the trees in black and white on the silk organza it just might work!

It took a couple of prints to cover the space I needed. Here is how it turned out. In the close-up you can see the photo on silk organza.

And here is the final piece.


Because of the misty look I wanted, I printed the photo in black and white. But depending on the photo and what you want to do with it....color could work just as well! Take a stroll through your own photos and you just might see something that will inspire a new piece of art!

Now yes, I know it has been four weeks. BUT...I'm lucky enough to have a long month!!! Be SURE to come back on Monday. There will be a surprise and an announcement!  Then on Wednesday I'll just close off the month with a few miscellaneous thoughts on backgrounds.

Kelly L Hendrickson

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