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Friday, August 12, 2016

Background Check - Week 2 - DROPCLOTH

Hey, it's a summer Friday. Thought we would take and easy background today and then head out to the beach, cabin, road trip, etc.


Don't know about you guys but I have many dropcloths...all at different stages of "creation"

Also there are a couple of them which have been retired, having reached their ultimate "look". These have been years and years in the making. Many dye sessions, painting, stamping, just to mention how a few of the many many layers were developed. Difficult to describe just when that is done...you will just know it when you see it. I knew I wanted to save them because they would have a home in an art piece someday!

Recently, an online group I belong to was invited to participate in a show in Taiwan. The theme of the show had to do with some aspects of recycling.  As a hoarder...I mean COLLECTOR!!...I have lots and lots of bits and pieces of all kinds of things safely tucked away until the creative moment arrives and they are called on to lend their unique qualities to a piece of art.  So...recycling??? No problem.

The one thing I KNEW I wanted to do was use one of my treasured dropcloths for the background.
That dropcloth inspired the color choices and sometimes the placement of a lot of my "used" objects.
I didn't want to go too literal and decided on a more abstract piece for this show.

Using a dropcloth background seemed fitting for the theme. And every piece added to the background, from fabric saved from past projects to a thrift store belt, puzzles, washers, plastic grid.....are all used and found and repurposed.

Here is the result...


So NEVER throw those dropcloths away! They have an amazing future somewhere down the road!

You guys have an amazing weekend! See you here on Monday!

Kelly L Hendrickson


  1. Congratulations on the show in Taiwan. Your piece is neat! I'm always amazed by the elements you use and the great compositions you achieve in your small art quilts. I love using dropcloths too!

  2. Thanks Ann! They so often turn out to be small works of art all unto themselves!


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