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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Background Check - Week 4 - PEEK-A-BOO

This one is a bit different but I like the way it turned out. I have only done these two pieces with this kind of background technique but I hope to do more!


In this technique, the background peeking through can be either the star or just in a supporting role.
The concept is to have a background fabric and put the main pieces on it where only part of it shows through. So it's not really pieced or appliqued....it is just...well...peeking through!

Here is an example of the peek-a-boo being a very supporting character. After a long road trip I had gathered a LOT of various kinds of maps (one of the many things I collect!) and wanted to make a piece about road trips, maps, etc. I used the maps with a wonderunder transfer thingie. (Sorry for the technical language there. LOL)  The maps became a single piece of fabric.

I cut the "map fabric" up and added appropriate fabric for farms, rivers. fields, woods, etc.  I then laid the pieces out like a map on top of a background piece of black Kona. The Kona peeking through becomes the roadways. Not the prettiest part of a road trip but necessary to be able to enjoy the beauty of everything else.


Take the Backroads - detail

Here is another example of a peek-a-boo background that actually becomes the star of the show. I had a favorite monoprint piece of fabric that I wanted to use but just never found the right vehicle. Then I was working with 3-D techniques and found a way to use it!  

Here is that GORGEOUS piece of fabric.

Here is the technique in a nutshell. Put metal in the area that will be the 3-D part, back it, cut it, put it over the background fabric.


The concept of this piece is a brick wall of a creative block and the creativity that finally breaks through.

So when you are feeling a bit shy about your backgrounds...just let them peek through a bit! The results can be fun and a bit different.

That's it until Friday!

Kelly L Hendrickson


  1. fabulous background break through!!And we all have them from time to time... blockage! AND i even recognize that brick wall fabric. It might still languish among some of my older old fabric! I am enjoying your posts, thank you!

  2. Please let us know what is the "wonderunder transfer thingy" I have really enjoyed your posts. I would really appreciate the actual name of the product.

  3. Thanks Sonja! Yep I think we can all relate at some point or other on blockage! Thing is...it doesn't last very long participating in FIRE!! There are always some new tweak or concept or idea hanging out here!

    Glad you like it Elle!!

    Quiltedstories - I will try over the weekend to see if I can figure out or remember what I used for this technique and post it next week!


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