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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Background Check - Bonus Post 2 - ?????????????

A few years ago, Wil and I were at an art show in the art district of Minneapolis. While there we saw some amazing art on paper. We talked to the artist and on the way home were wondering…

“What would happen if …. We did that same technique on fabric?????”

Well, there was nothing to do but try it out. And we LOVED the results! We have been working on this technique for a couple of years...testing, tweaking, learning. And now we are ready to share it with you guys! It is a fun and exciting surface design we have not really seen done on fabric before.

In the months of January and February of 2017, Wil and I will be tag team presenting several posts on complex surface designs. During that time, we will be revealing this technique. I’m SOOOO hoping you will be joining us for those two months. There will be some mysteries each week, some prizes and, of course, the presentation of this new technique.

Are you looking forward to it yet??????

Just to give you another boost…here is a piece I did with the background using this technique. If you guess what it is….shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t spoil the surprise for others, OK?

Kelly L Hendrickson

Thanks for joining me in this journey through the varied world of backgrounds! 



  1. How fabulous!! I can't wait!!!

  2. I always look forward to learning new techniques, and this looks promising!

  3. I drop by all the time and look forward to new techniques...this is lovely!

  4. Pooh, that's such a long time to wait. Not good at waiting... :)

  5. Great! I'll see you all in January!

    LOL Diane!! I soooooooo know how you feel! sorry :-(((


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