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Friday, August 5, 2016

Background Check - Week 1 - CURVY

We all love our curves. Well, I would if I could find them!

However, when I was piecing backgrounds I often wanted curvy lines in them and if there is an easy way to do it, I never found it. Now I do mostly raw-edge applique but sometimes I need a more finished edge to convey the look or feel I'm wanting. Again...how to do that???

It is really quite simple. Most of us are familiar with needle-turn applique right? It's a lot like that but without the needle!


Step 1
Cut the Curves
I just use my rotary cutter and cut random curvy lines. The nice part is that you have two curvy pieces for the price of one!!

Step 2
Turn Under Edges
This is the part that is a lot like needle-turn applique. Except that instead of a needle I just use my index finger. I work directly on my batting because then I don't have to move it. I lay down the curvy pieces in the order I want them. 
Spray the edge of one piece liberally with spray starch. This makes the fabric damp and easier to manipulate plus when it is ironed it tends to stay in place very well.
Below you can see the middle piece I am turning. It's pretty much in the center of the photo.

Step 3
Stitch Edges Down
I stitch the first line very close to the turned edge to be sure nothing slips out. Some places there is less turned under than others.

Step 4
Quilt Stitch
This is the beach background for a piece I am currently working on so I wanted the curvy lines repeated in the quilting stitching to emphasize the wavy sand on the beach. 
Since this is a work in progress, I can't show you how the finished piece looks just yet but I should have it completed before the end of the month and I will post it then!

I think there are many uses for a curvy line background in both representational and abstract art quilts. I look forward to seeing how you guys put this background to use!!

Before I leave for today. Here is another beachy quilt that I made with this same process. (I think I must have a thing for beaches!!)

You all have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!!

Kelly L Hendrickson


  1. This is a wonderful piece and I love seeing and learning about your process. Thanks for sharing!

  2. your sand curves are inspirational. me thinks this method could be ocean as well.sharing gives off idea seeds.mahalo!

  3. Thanks Ann and Sonja! I'm glad you enjoyed this bit!


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