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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ecoprint with cotton: not just gray

At this point, you will have found that if you use a plain white fabric, it will turn out gray.

I also tried to get some background colours from natural dyes, like cochineal. Just add the natural dye stuff to the pot when boiling your wraps and it will colour your fabric as well!

This pink color is actually cochineal:

And this one too:

The result is subtle but noticeable!
Other colouring options you can try are avocadopits or skins (saumon orange), turmeric powder,  red wood or pokeweed.

This is not a very good print ;-) but you can perfectly see the redwood colour:

And these are avocado pits (without a print)

Actually, I got quite disappointed at this stage of dyeing, so I decided to overdye some of my procion MX stuff ;-), will show them on friday!


  1. I feel your pain and disappointment! I appreciate your carefully prepared posts and good photos of your results. Waiting to hear about the MX dye pots. :) Thanks, Nienke!

  2. love the ones with cochineal dye beautiful

  3. I find the subtle colors quite attractive, more natural. We can find neon and brights everywhere we go.
    Keep up the good work!


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