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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ecoprint with cotton: the leaves

Now we're almost there, but we still have to discuss the most important part, which leaves to use!

Remember I said it's all about tannin boiling into the fabric which reacts with the iron (II) sulfate? So, we need leaves containing tannin. The most commonly known is oak leaf. Any type will do.

Another 'guaranteed to succeed' leaf is gardengeranium

Others are 'Alchemilla'


Rose, Spanish Maple and Blackberry:

Sweet chestnut leaf

Walnut leaf

So,  this list is just a shortlist of leaves that are succesfull in my dyepot. The leaves do not need to be dry or prepared in any way. Try the leaves from your own garden to see which will work for you! And don't forget to share your finds in the comments!!


  1. I did not know that the leaves need to contain tannin. I am learning so much from you!

  2. Thank you for the details of this process. I will be sure to try it soon before the leaves are gone.

  3. Really wonderful results and valuable information

  4. Thank you for these instructions! I’m a city girl, so I will plunge onwards with leave cuttings from very common flower plants on my deck, maybe try some herbs as well. No oak galls or eucalyptus available!


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