Monday, August 24, 2015

Ecoprint with cotton: coloured fabric

As all dyers, I have a basket full of 'not so pretty' cloth, this is excellent stuff to overprint with ecoprints!

I prefer these autumn colours. And the turquoise makes a special impression too. Try whatever you think of as 'ugly fabric', it can't get worser and most of the time, it will give you a pleasant surprise!!


  1. Great save and the results are looking good.

  2. Very interesting images Nienke. Thank you for sharing

  3. Stumbled onto your site via pinterest/Bee Shay. Love it! have tried eco-printing without good results. Your directions are so clear and informative I'm encouraged to try again.Thank you for sharing. I only have a flicker site at please feel free to comment and or pin. Thank you again. Donna R.

  4. Great idea to use previously dyed cloth for some eco printing. I have a few pieces that could use something more.


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