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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ecoprint with cotton: like a painting

Sometimes, the randomly placed leafs turn out to be a little picture in itself. Because of the wrapping, the outer part of the fabric will be darker than the inner part. That makes a nice 'still life'!
You might even try to make your own little 'still life':


  1. What a great month. I have loved all your posts. I will do my first eco-printing Friday.

  2. Wonderful posts all month! I can't wait to finish moving and to have some fun with this. Has anyone found a good source in the US for the iron sulfate? I'm looking at the 20% ferrous sulfate offered by Amazon.

  3. Beautiful prints! Thank you for so much great information and inspiration.

  4. Cris I thonk this is a good one
    same formula as the one I use?

  5. These turned out very well! Have to give ecoprinting another go this weekend :)

  6. My ferrous sulfate arrived today! I'll be trying it out asap. Thanks for all the great instructions!


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