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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ecoprint with cotton: not just black

We've seen many black prints on fabric now, all resulting from the iron (II) sulphate.

But there are some other possibilites as well. A few leaves are printing color on the surface during this boiling process. Especially when alum is used as a pre-mordant.

A specific type of garden geranium is printing green:

American indigo is printing a soft green (and such a lovely shape)

Blackberry sometimes turns out yellowgreen (like birch leafs too)

Eucalyptus is printing an orange red:

And recently I discovered Aquilegia is printing orange/red

So, what are your finds?

NB. This post from Threadborne is an excellent overview of colours obtainable by eco print:


  1. Dear Nienke,
    thank you again for this brilliant and thrilling post !
    As my dye doesn't seem to be strong enough, i decided to let it solarize for some more days... But i did eco-print on paper if you'd like to have a look : http://bidulafil.blogspot.fr/2015/08/eco-print-essai-1.html
    Have a nice and creative week end !

  2. I enjoy eco-printing. I do most of mine on silk scarves. They made wonderful Christmas presents last year. Now I'm selling them at a Farmer's Markets and craft fairs in NH, USA. I want to give it a try on watercolor paper now.:)


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