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Friday, May 1, 2015

with a little help

I get by with a little help from my friends ...

Hi, Diane here, with an intro to the month of May - Deconstructed Screen Printing.  Some friends will be contributing their work and posting with me.  Every year in the spring, I get together with artsy friends in the Hill Country of Texas for Art Camp.  We used to plan a single workshop and hire an instructor but for the last dozen years or so, we've just each done our own thing!  This year I'm leading them astray with mono-printing on gelatin plates. Another time, I introduced them to dyeing with mud or earth pigments.  One year I decided to demonstrate deconstructed screen printing and one of the campers has been actively printing since then. Nancy will be showing her work here this month

Then at a regional weaving conference, I taught a seminar on printing with dye on handwoven cloth.  I'm still walking down that pathway - I have a lot of handwoven cloth! 
This one has a border woven into the bottom and several layers printed from two different screens.  I plan to do some embroidery on it next.  Who knows when it will be "complete."

Lately, I've been taking part in a Surface Design sample swap online.  We have an international membership and it has been fun to get 12 inch square of fabric in the mail each month.  Some of the techniques have been new and some are old favorites reinterpreted.  That's how I met Luann who has prepared a week of posts this month from her perspective.

 So, while I am working away writing blog posts for you, picture me here, relaxing in the country away from the hustle and bustle of the maddening crowds - but with an excellent wi-fi connection.

Seeing these two photos together - maybe I should title my piece "Bluebonnet Meadow"...

Diane - yarngoddess


  1. Hi Diane... I have been following along on your dye work with EB, and wonder if you and your friends are at the "Franch" activity Centre at K. Bresenhan's ranch in Le Grande.... I recognize the field of bonnets! Great retreat place,

  2. Bethany, no, we meet at a B&B with a great conference room and cozy cabins. I've been to the "Franch" a couple of times. It's an incredible facility. Finally made a visit to the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange. Awesome! Another great destination by Karey Bresenhan.
    Wasn't the class with Elizabeth Barton wonderful? I learned so much and want to sign up again. Thanks for following along...

  3. I always learn something every time I come to this blog! Your get away with fiber friends sounds wonderful.


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