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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

screen printing Day 2 with Luann

(Luann Fisher is blogging this week on her experiments with deconstructed screen printing. She blogs at Let's Create Today.)

Here are a couple of the screens after removing the texture items.

I then put my fabrics onto clean insulation board, placed the screens on top, and started the pulling of deconstructed screen prints.
Oh, how much fun can one person have? This is a blast! I realized later that the color I would end up with wasn’t what I was seeing at the time. That is probably the only part, next to cleaning up, that can be disappointing. But here are some of those pulls.


  1. More information regarding the mixture I use when pulling the prints can be found on today's blog at



  2. Thanks for the post on deconstructed screen printing. I've always like the results of this technique.

  3. Eileen,
    I just had to click on your picture before I said thanks for stopping by.
    I signed up to get your new blog posts via email. I must let you know that I really like the mug rug/mini quilt at the top of the info column.
    I will need to check further to see what product you use for painting on your fabric.
    I hope others, visiting here, will come see you also.


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