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Friday, May 15, 2015

screen printing Day 3 with Luann

(Luann Fisher is blogging this week on her experiments with deconstructed screen printing. She blogs at Let's Create Today.)

After batching, rinsing, washing, and drying I like to press. Colors come to life at this time. As you can see, some have vivid coloring and others not so much.

Already some are being prepared for using in projects by sashing them with various width strips of white. Wall hangings, quilt tops, art journal covers, or what ever else strikes my fancy…….

Lessons learned:
KISS: use small inexpensive screens, try to limit your color choices (and remember how they will react with each other so you don’t get brown when you wanted purple), only do a few pieces at a time (this helps with keeping track of what you actually did, and how you would like to change things), and take a few notes during the process, if you can.
Cover up: not only can you wreck clothing, but migrant dye particles get stuck on insulation boards, so cover them in plastic to elimate any future influences.
Write up your thoughts; not for duplicating, but for other possibilities that came to mind.


  1. Great posts Luann, I need to have a go at this.

  2. Aussie Jo,
    Just be careful, it' can be addicting! But then, most of our passions have the quality.

    You can always catch me on

    Thanks for stopping by


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