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Friday, August 16, 2013

(not so) Heavy Metal - Part 4 - Foiling Around

YEAH! Here we go on Part 4 and it's halfway through the month. Still lots of time for fun ahead!

Metal part 4 - Foiling Around

Did you save some candy wrappers?  Some foil liners on candy boxes? Or you can use the foils that are available for purchase at craft stores.  I'm using both just so you can see that you don't HAVE to spend money to get some metal!

Today I'm going to show you the beginning of some small pieces that I will later decide how to use.  One I did a while ago, kept it in a safe box so it wouldn't get messed up....but you will see that one when I show the completed steps on all of these pieces.

So let's get started.

First, pull together the foil bits you want to play with. I have some aluminium foil, come candy wrapper and some foil candy box lining, some copper foil sheets from the craft store.

Now let's see what we can do with them.

I'll take a couple of the candy wrappers first.  The background one I left whole but I did hit it with a heat gun just to scrunch it a bit. The others I tore by hand because I didn't want straight edges. Then I just put them down where I thought looked cool.  For these very light weight foils, glue sticks seem to hold quite well.

Now for a larger piece from the lining of a candy box. It was a more-or-less  rectangle with two bits that looked like little wings. I crinkled up the "wings" and here is what it is so far.

The next two pieces I used the metallic foils available at craft stores. These are just a smidge heavier than the other foils used above. They are easier to manipulate without tearing.  But you still have to be gentle because they also will tear if you want (or don't want) them to.

First, I just took a rectangle of the heavier metallic foil and folded it in an accordion style. (Hope you can tell that from this photo)

The next piece will be woven so we will prepare for that today.  This is just like weaving fabric or about anything else I suppose.  The difference I made in this one is that I didn't cut it all the way through to the bottom. I left solid borders on both ends and I will weave stuff into the middle slit.

Because I want a difference in texture between the base and the strips, I took my small hammer and with the rounded end, tapped dents into the back side of the base piece. The strips I left smooth. For this photo, I left some of the base piece un-dimpled so you can see the effect.

Now you have some ideas and I KNOW you can come up with some more of your own.  Tomorrow I will show you what I did for the next step on all these pieces.  So don't forget to drop in tomorrow!

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