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Friday, August 2, 2013

(not so) Heavy Metal - part 1 cont.

Had DREAMS last night about breaking apart a big clock. That is now definitely on my "bucket list"!!

Today, just a couple of other ideas using watch parts. Then something to do over the weekend to get ready for some fun next week!

This piece is entitled "Sands of Time."  The surface design before adding the metal watch parts includes watch/time stamps and silk screens.  Then I added (with E6000) several watch bits just to give it a different "time" layer.  (Can you find all 5 of them?)

"Sands of Time"
10" X 20"

This second piece, "Spring Forward" uses a LOT of watch bits but in a way that transforms them into spring flowers.  So you see, you can use them to be something other than just watch parts! They can become a tool to create other images.

"Spring Forward"
12" X 12"
The larger bits are again adhered to the background piece with E6000. On this piece it was a bit more difficult to get the mainsprings to stay just where I wanted them.  I didn't want to use thread this time because it was distracting from the flow of the piece.  Since this piece is mounted on a stretched canvas, I had another alternative.  I took the 4 strand picture hanging wire, untwisted it and used just one "thread" of that wire to sew them down. (I used just one of my regular sewing needles and it worked just like real thread!) 

I had a small pair of needle nose pliers handy to help to pull the needle through a couple of times.

 On the back of the canvas I then twisted the wire thread to secure it. 

The result?  The mainsprings are very securely fastened down but the wire is almost invisible.

So as you can see, you can use watch bits as themselves or transform them into something else altogether.  You can use just a few bits to accent a piece or a lot of them to create the focal point.

Now for the weekend "assignment"....  find a bunch of small rusty stuff.  Old washers, keys, buckles, etc.  Only restriction is...they all need some hole or hook to attach them to something else.  And also, rusty wire - a medium gauge that will be strong enough to hold a shape but not so thick that it is difficult to bend.  If you don't have or find any rusty bits, you can get even new ones and soak them over the weekend in vinegar.  Just be sure you don't get aluminum or galvanized metal...those won't rust...ever....

OR....if you don't like rusty things or working with them, the technique I'll be showing you next week can also be done with new and un-rusted bits listed above.  I'm partial to rust my self but it works just as well with new bits.  The challenge is to find different, interesting and not so common pieces.  Garage sales are wonderful places to find them.  Of course, I have several bits I found in the middle of a parking lot or an intersection (risky I know...but hey!!!...it's all for ART!!)  Perhaps I will have to add the caveat:  Don't go into an intersection WHILE the cars are there as well!  It can be scary.....

So you all have a fun weekend and I hope you come back on Monday with a pile of bits to play with! Be SAFE and I'll check in with you then!


  1. Kelly, these are gorgeous pieces! And your method of using wire to affix the metal is great! As for gathering up bits to play with... I've been meaning to clean out the garage, and I do have a box full of jars and containers that have a lot of stuff, as well as a few rusty bits laying around. I'll see what shows up in my search!

  2. I have a ton of these rusty bits I pick up on our bike rides around town!!! Always knew they would be useful as an art piece!

    Love the sands of time piece.

  3. Judy - What a great reason to clean up a garage! Me...I'd just dig through the mess to find the bits I want! LOL!!

    Swissy - What a great start! So glad you saved all of them. And THX by the way!

  4. My friend and I are 'going' to make 'something' using a clock fabric and my other friend gave me TONS of watch parts (her father used to repair them!). You've given me some great ideas!!! Thanks so much!!! Now to put this project on my list before I forget your inspiration pieces!!!

  5. Ok you have a GREAT friend! What a wonderful gift!! I'm so glad you are inspired. Can't wait to see where you take it.


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