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Saturday, August 3, 2013

My experiment with pole wrap shibori

I have tried this method of dyeing before, with varying success.  I have never seen it done, and struggled a lot over the years trying to find the right solution to overlapping fabric or garments, even going so far as to wrap a tank around a 5-gallon bucket.  Here is the best result I got:

I don't even remember for sure how I got this result, but it was hard won!  So when Kelly posted about her shibori techniques, I was a little reluctant to try again.  However, after reading through her instructions, I decided it deserved another attempt.   And fortunately, although I didn't have any PVC that was 4" in diameter, I do have some heavy duty cardboard tubes that I saved after I had new flooring installed in our kitchen this spring, that just happen to be 4" in diameter!  I decided to do a little work to protect the tubes from damage due to paint, water, etc.  I had some clear contact paper, so I wrapped pieces of it around the tube, then used some duct tape to do a more complete job of sealing where the contact paper edges met, and along the ends of the tube.  Then I pulled a scrap piece of cotton fabric from my stash, found some fabric paint, and followed Kelly's instructions for wrapping the fabric and scrunching it down to the end of my tube.  Next, I applied the paint with a foam brush.  Once the paint dried, I unwrapped the string and the fabric, then I repeated on the end that was covered the first time around, and finished the process:

Here is the tube with the painted fabric .
Here is the fabric after it dried.  I have no plans yet for the fabric, but I am really glad I tried the process.  I am sure I will be using it for future projects.  Thanks, Kelly!


  1. Judy, that turned out great! Maybe I need to put that on my list. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh WOW!! First - way to go on all that prep work on the tube! Great idea. And I LOVE the results! AND it is P U R P L E!!! Life is good. Glad you tried it again and enjoyed the process and the results! WOOHOO!!

  3. cool...will have to try this. Love the t-shirt.


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