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Thursday, August 1, 2013

(not so) Heavy Metal - Kelly

OK.  Wow! August is already here! So....are you ready to play?  Not sure if I can impart any NEW knowledge to this esteemed group of highly creative people but, perhaps I can at least inspire you to play/work with something you might not have done in while?  So let the metallic fun begin!  Oh and if you like, dig out those Kiss and Metallica T-shirts to wear while we play!

This month I want to show you some of the ways I've added metal to my art works.

Metal 1

I happen to LOVE watch parts and the "Time" theme.  So, the first thing I will do is just show you some ways I added metal watch parts to art. This is the first.

Supplies are simple - watch parts, thread (a bit heavier - not really fine threads) and E6000 adhesive.  Oh and your original art work to put them on!

Not much instruction to this first example. Most watch cases, parts, and bits are glued down with E6000.  This piece was created apx. 6 years ago so, yes, the adhesive WILL hold even the heavier watch cases on for good!! The watch mainsprings are sewn on with thread. That has lasted as well through a few shipments. More on that later in the week. The Time Quotes were put onto fabric with a transfer technique. The paper ephemera was from an old watch repair shop lot I purchased on E-Bay.

"It's About Time"

Hope that at least piqued your interest!!

One thing you can begin doing is accumulating metal "stuff."  We'll be using washers, pop cans, can lids....well you get the idea!  I'm sure as we go along many of you will take off and create your own (not so) Heavy Metal concepts!  I hope so, because I LOVE to see new and interesting ways to use metal!


  1. I love this and I love using metal. I started collecting at a local antique shop where the owner saved bits and bobs of metal. I have a huge collection.

  2. What a coincidence. My watch was broken yesterday. So....

  3. OMG! I love this, and just happen to have a "school" clock sitting in my spare bedroom that I don't plan to have repaired. It's a "repro" that needed to be hand wound, and probably has a bunch of fun stuff I can use. Where's my screw-driver? I'm off to see if I can take it apart!

  4. Awesome!!!
    Beth - If I run short of bits, I'll know who to call!!
    Ineke - I think your broken watch must be a "sign". This is what broken watches are good for!
    Judy - Oh I would Love to see you stripping that school clock for parts! I can only imagine all the cool bits that are inside. I've never had something quite that big!


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