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Thursday, August 8, 2013

(not so) Heavy Metal - Pt 2 continued

As promised...here is the piece I made with my wire weaving.

Just a note:  I used metal in a way in the background fabric as well.  It is a rusted piece I made a couple of years ago. And THAT is why I never toss stuff!! It was perfect for this piece.  The border is my hand-dyed fabric. I chose that blue to bring out the blue tint in the rusted fabric. (no idea where that came from - I think some dye was on the counter or something. It was not intended anyway). And since there were so many found and rusted items....well you can see the title for yourself.....

Rust and Found
10" X 20"

...and a close up of one of the woven parts

I do hope this part has inspired you guys to give this a go sometime. Or something similar...or something entirely different!  

Tomorrow I will be posting a totally different use of metal in art pieces.  
Until then.........


  1. OOPS!! Have to go out of town tomorrow! The next bit will be posted on Saturday! Hang in there!

  2. Oh, what a fun time I have been having reading through your blog. Just love the metal art process you have here with the weaving plus lost and found bits.


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