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Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Meet!

I didn't take any pictures but Beth Schnellenberger and I met for the first time this week! We have been blogging friends for a couple of years but had never met in person.  She lives in Indiana and I live in Maine.  Not all that close.  However, this week I am in Indianapolis attending a conference for work so we got together for dinner.

What fun!  I got to see some of Beth's wonderful quilts in person,  laugh at her jokes, eat while she talked, compare quilting notes, and play the "Who Do You Know That I know" game.  She and I have a lot in common I think.  We both started out as traditional quilters who got bored.  We both try not to laugh (cringe, hide, feel like we are stretching the truth)  when we call ourselves "Artists."  We are both working at identifying our voices; with the help of other artists we are getting an idea.  In fact we discussed that quite a bit.

Beth is taking a class with Jane Dunnewold.  Jane pointed out to Beth that she not only had a style but she had already produced a series of three quilts.  Beth was stunned.  She didn't know that she had either.  I didn't know I had a style until I started playing with FIVE and they told me what it was.  Why is it that we can't see our own progress and recognize our own work?

I wish this paragraph had the answer to that question but the bottom line is that I don't know.  I know that it is true for Beth and me.  How about for you?


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  1. I think once we reach a certain stage of analyzing our work we can see our style but teachers can recognize it sooner. It was certainly true with me and my pottery. I remember I put something into the kiln during a class and was concerned because I had not signed it, my teacher said no problem she could always recognize my work. With my art quilts I don't see that I have a style or progress yet!


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