Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good News, Good News, and MORE Good News!

I have some 3 good newses to share!

First, Karen Silvers is joining our group of resident artists!  She has already guest starred on the blog and now she is becoming a regular member artist.  Here is an introduction of her on the Art Quilt blog.   And here is the link to her personal blog.  We are so excited she has decided to join us!  Please give her a warm welcome.

Second,  Rosalita Feero, who has been so busy making and selling her art that she has not been able to participate regularly, is going to be a guest blogger sharing how to use inktense pencils on fabric.  You'll understand when you see her work  why I asked her to share with you.  Her use of the pencils to create stunning quilts just is unmatched.

And my last wonderful news is that Kathy Molatch, who has also become so busy with her own career that she is unable to participate regularly on the blog, is going to share the results of the Round Robin held by the FIVE.  Please pay special attention to the crane fabric.  While each of the FIVE did something to the fabric, I added the charcoal-edged sun and rays to the dyed fabric.  Do you like the effect it gives?   It is another example of the fugitive media, charcoal, being used on fabric.

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  1. It's fall, it's time for changes - looking forward to seeing what the changes will bring.

    And I've been following Karen for quite a while now, so I'm already a fan! :)


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