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Friday, September 30, 2011

One last post about Fugitive Media

I have really enjoyed this month of working with fugitive media.  I have tried lots of different media and have only scratched the surface of the possibilities!  I might even get really brave and use the media to not only enhance a dyed fabric but to draw something like Karen did with her heron.  Here is the heron appliqued  onto her quilt. Stunning is the word I would use for it. If you are also thinking about using fugitive media to create your own drawings, here is one last suggestion for you.

Here is a free ebook offered by Interweave on Pastel Painting.  The techniques and processes he describes can be used on fabric!   While he is using pastels, the color theory and layering he describes could be used with water-soluable pencils or crayons too I think.   Just remember:
  1. The pastels must be chalk or water-soluble.  Regular pastels have an oil base that will repel the bonding liquid.  If you use a regular pastel, it will wash out.
  2. Take care with the layering that it is not so heavy as to block the bonding liquid from actually wetting the fabric. That is needed for the bonding to occur.  It is possible to wet with the bonding liquid after each layer, let dry, and then add the next color layer if  needed.
  3. Use a bonding fluid such as base extender, 50/50 glue and water, acrylic media, etc.
  4. IRON it to heat set it.

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