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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Judith's Charcoal Technique

Hi Everyone!  Things have been busy in my world, not leaving a great deal of time for my creative endeavors.  However, the last week has been husband-less which means our business can be ignored for a few days, so I've been free!  Here are the results of the Round Robin which "5" had going over the last few months.  From left to right the fabrics belong to Beth, me, Charlene, Rosalita, and Judith's is the horizontal.

Below is a photo of the beautiful snow dyed fabric made by "5" member Charlene.  The series of techniques used on this piece were silk screened gold by Beth, fugitive charcoal by Judith, and silk screened cranes by me.

I wish that I had a photo of the original snow dyed fabric to show, but here's a close-up of Judith's fugitive charcoal technique:

Picking out areas to treat with the charcoal added so much dimension and direction for the eye that it defined the piece once and for all as solar.  I love that Judith was able to use the circle to focus in all that wild beauty.

And here are Judith, Beth and Charlene of "5" at my studio on September 3rd.  We're doing ice dyeing outdoors on a beautiful day.  Note the sports bra that Beth is working on!  Maybe she'll post a pic of her finished garments.  They certainly looked intriguing coming out of the dye!


  1. Oh my gosh, that finished piece is STUNNING!

  2. There was one more technique not mentioned. I sewed with black thread to outline the charcoal and also darkened the tips with a black fabric marker.

  3. Oh wow -- that settles it! I'm moving to Maine! What a fun group! I LOVE the piece with the cranes and charcoal -- it makes me want to play with dyes and paint and charcoal...


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