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Monday, September 12, 2011

An old post and a new one

Here is a link to a post that Laura already posted about using inktense pencils.  I love her work and think her post along with the post from Rosalita do a good job of showing you the possibility of colored pencils.  In my own experiments with colored pencils I used both inktense and regular water-soluble pencils.
Frankly the only difference  I have noticed in the two types of pencils is that the inktense pencils only blend the first time they get wet.  Regular water-soluble pencils will bleed/blend each time they get wet.  I will use both types on a fabric because the colors are different and it expands my possibilities.

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  1. I am loving these post on fugitive media. I have also been experimenting with pencils. The inktense have more pigment than normal derwent watercolour, but the best of all are albrecht durer by faber castell, however they are very expensive!


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