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Friday, February 18, 2011

One last batik before the fat lady sings

These two shirts were in the rag bag. They were beige and mint green (what was I thinking) linen. Nice shirt but pukey colors. I was going to get some shirts from Goodwill but found these while purging my studio during the re-design of my space.
I was going to do a two color dye but ended up liking these colors so I stopped here. The first one was beige and was dyed dark navy.

This next one was mint green. I was going for a nice deep green but it ended up this color. I may over dye it in the future but mean while, I kind of like this eye popping color.


  1. Great colors! Now I have a hankering to go to Goodwill.

  2. Great looking shirts! Pretty nice for rags! lol

  3. Beth,
    You have such a way with rehabbing wearables! These are both lovely.

  4. I love your new mustard color shirt Beth.


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