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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Bad

Better Late Then Never (I hope)

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

I did not post any Shibori in January so thought I would show what I did.

The first piece is Charmeuse Silk wound on a rope and scrunched and dyed.

Then because it lacked pizazz.........

I thought it looked like fish, so painted some on.

The next piece of Shibori is done by folding fabic in half and sewing by hand half circles at the fold and getting bigger and bigger. Each round starts with a knot. The end is left long and cut. At the end, you pull all stings tight and tie off. Dye. One section did not turn out the same as the rest????

Now for the batik by stamping waxed items on fabric, dyeing, and ironing out.


  1. Really nice. I love the fish piece and you know how much I love that potato masher!!!

  2. Just want to ask everyone if they can put their process pictures on the blog, too, not just finished products. That way we can all learn the how-to. Thanks!

  3. I am just getting into fabric dyes and am so glad to have found this blog. A lot of great ideas for using things at home. Lovely fabrics everywhere!


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