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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pictures from the Schweinfurth Art Center

The Schweinfurth currently has an exhibit called "Transgressing Traditions."  It is the second annual juried member international show for the SDA.  There are three pieces I thought were related to the type of work I have been doing so I am winding up my presentation with them.

First is this dress. The dress reminds me of my dresses due to the reference to life and death and the use of leftover material.

The second art work also uses old clothing as it's source material.  It is also a 3-D piece but may be harder to tell from the picture.  Think of a deep picture frame that is filled with rolled pieces of fabric and you'll have a better understanding of what you see.  The front side of the rolls are not all even which adds to the interest of the piece when seen in person.  I tried to capture that in the detail picture.

The third art work, and my favorite, is this one.  Read the artist statement.  What it not to love there?

If you have not yet been to the Schweinfurth to see the SDA show, it is on display until Augusta 21.  It is an amazing show and will certainly get your creative mojo exploding.


  1. I agree about the current show at the Schweinfurth. Lots of great work there that provided some great inspiration!

  2. Wonderful pieces! Thanks for sharing, Judith!

  3. Judith... I just found this post while I was updating some info for an application. Thanks so much for the kind words... this is somewhat of a new direction for me, and you've given me some impetus to keep going. For some reason "eco-printing" was left off of the label, I'm not sure if that was my oversight or they ran out of room on the tags, but I see you have also been doing some eco-printing on fabric. Its nice to find a kindred spirit!


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