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Monday, July 18, 2016

Hanging by a Thread Garments

One of my passions for the last couple of years is bringing back to life nearly destroyed  garments.  I find it symbolic of our lives.  Sometimes we are nearly destroyed by life events and yet we can rebuild ourselves using our own pattern.  It isn't easy or quick but much more rewarding than staying destroyed by the events and wasting the rest of our lives.

First, pictures and detail pictures of a one of the garments that I have already turned into art.  It was part of my Parts Of A Whole show in April.  This one is named Transgender because it started out as a skirt and ended up as a pair of pants.  At one point  it was one of my favorite pair of summer pants.

In the next posts I will take you along a journey creating a work of art out of a composted garment.


  1. Really brilliant work especially when viewed live.

  2. Looking forward to learning more about this process. It certainly has intriguing results!

  3. Wow!Really innovative use of fabrics that have taken on life as their own.. disintegrated, discolored and hopelessly beautiful! Honest art here! Love the stitch...


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