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Friday, July 29, 2016

Far From Finished But it is the End of the Month

The garment is far from finished but I am making progress.  No paper skirt added yet and the top is still far from finished.  Someone asked me once about wearing them.  LOL  The question surprised me.  My first thought was only if you want your dress to disintegrate while you wear it.  These art garments are definitely ART garments and not upcycled clothing.

Anyone, here are pictures from the front, the back, and details.

I hope you have enjoyed this month!


  1. I find these types of pieces seem to convey, or hold onto, a feeling of sadness, maybe sadness about things that happened a long time ago, or things that were hoped for and never occurred. I need to have things around me that are more cheerful and upbeat. Sometimes I have to leave thrift stores, auctions, or estate sales because they hold so many memories of other people that I can't handle it.

  2. It's been an interesting series, full of details that may apply to more conventional pieces. I'm glad to find your blog with its many cheerful themes, too.

  3. I've enjoyed this very much. Thank you!


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