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Monday, November 23, 2015

Soy wax

A lot of techniques which you use with regular dyeing, can also be used with snow and ice dyeing. In today's blogpost I will show you an example of using soy wax resist. Using an old brush I applied soy wax to the fabric.

I placed the fabric flat on a raised platform in a container. Put snow on top of it and sprinkled soda ash powder together with different dye powders on it. For this one I used Cardinal Red, Gunmetal Gray and Caribbean Blue. Left it like that till the next day. This is how the fabric looked after the snow had melted:

After rinsing, washing and ironing the fabric looks like this:

Keep in mind that for ironing soy wax out of fabric you need lots and lots of old newspapers.


  1. I don't iron soy wax to remove it. I use soap and hot water. That's why it's better to use than beeswax or paraffin.


  2. Clever idea. I've never seen soy wax resist used with snow dyes before. Great results

  3. Another alternative would be to pre-soda soak the fabric, let it line dry, then apply the wax so you wouldn't have to sprinkle it over the snow. I do that for my Autumn Leaves shirts, then do a quick dip in the solution to moisten the shirt before applying my dye bath. I will have to definitely try the snow dye with soy wax as soon as we have enough snow to scoop up!

  4. The reason I use soy wax is because it can be washed out instead of ironed out. In the last issue of Quilting Arts I wrote an article on using resists including soy wax with ice dyeing. Love the results. I have a blog post tutorial on soy and ice dyeing. You can check it out here if interested: http://www.bloombakecreate.com/2015/02/soy-wax-ice-dyeing/


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