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Monday, November 9, 2015

Hills and valleys

Most of the snow and ice dyeing I do indoors, but this fabric was done outside. There was a nice thick layer of snow (8 to 10 inches) in the yard and a soda soaked piece of fabric was placed on it. A little helper walked over the fabric creating hills and valleys.

Dye concentrate was poured over the fabric. No idea which colors as it was left over from a previous play day.

This was left outside for at least 4 hours before it was taken indoors where it batched till the next morning. After rinsing, washing and ironing this is how the fabric now looks:


  1. I love the results! Never would have thought of doing that!

  2. Gorgeous - what a clever little helper! Can't wait for it to snow here in Wales!

  3. Beautiful and surprising results!

  4. When I read this today, I remembered wishing we had an incline to dye on. Well....there is about a 70degree drop off down to the river in the back yard!! And yes....I have plans!!!!

  5. OMG! It is gorgeous! Can I beg for snow here in Louisiana?


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