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Friday, October 2, 2015

To Art Quilting and Beyond - Week One

It was really fun to just roam around my studio (and dig into boxes of unknown contents) to pull out stuff for this first experiment in Art for the Apocalypse! Here is a photo of the fun things I found and will work on putting together during this coming week.

Oh and just as a disclaimer up front...I am forced to take this concept a bit further than I had planned. At least for now, the photos are taken with my iPhone. I still have not unearthed my real camera in all these boxes. Hopefully they will turn out ok.

As you can see, I chose fabrics, bits and pieces, paints and a whole bunch of just fun stuff.

I do hope this inspires you to grab a bag or box and start gathering. You have all weekend. Be Brave!
I'll join you back here on Monday and we will see where this concept takes us.


  1. I would love to join in on this adventure. However I am packing for vacation that starts in the middle of the week, and I'll be gone until close to the end of the month. Hope to do this when I get back, but I never know what other pressing matters may arise in that length of time.

    This would be so fun to do, even if it's a once a month playday.

    Enjoy the fire blog and all that you do,

  2. I'm in, this is a very interesting title. I'm gathering!

  3. I'm in, this is a very interesting title. I'm gathering!

  4. For some reason the phrase "hunters and gatherers" just keeps going through my mind! LOL!! Remember that from Social Studies? I can hardly wait to see all your stuff and where it takes you!
    Sorry you can't join us just now, Luann. Have fun on your vacation (I'm just a bit jealous) and perhaps you can join in when you return.


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