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Monday, October 12, 2015

To Art Quilting and Beyond - Week 2/Part 1

Wow what a great weekend! Fall has seriously begun here in the upper mid-west and a long drive on Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. Very inspiring!

After doing a bit of editing of the "bling" chosen for me by my granddaughters (bless their little hearts) I got down to laying out and auditioning layout and bits. Here is the photo of where I ended up after much moving around and adjusting and taking bits off of jewelry so I could use them.

As stated earlier, the title of the first piece is "Summer Garden". With these colors I was obviously drawn to autumn and after this weekend I am even more inspired than ever by the beauty of the changing landscape!

The kind of orange on the far left background is the back side of a leafy fabric. I LOVED the front side but it was way too saturated and overpowered everything else. The connecting neutral fabric with the writing on it
I placed on the far right. I put another neutral in the center background because I don't have a lot of the original one and I also wanted a piece with some subtle pattern in it.

I had the two metal "frame" thingies and they looked very plain and boring all alone so I put some of the animal prints behind each one.

So, here we go! Now to start stitching!

OH and this one already has a title:  "Autumn Migration"  Are you sensing a theme here? I'll get into more of the details this week.

And don't forget! Later this week I'll be adding to this week's information and heading off on a whole other pathway to taking art quilting beyond the box....or....over the box you might say.  Got your interest?  I'll explain all later this week!


  1. So much fun. I love this one so far! Looking forward to see the stitching.

  2. Thanks Ann! Stitching begins tomorrow.

  3. You only have to wait until Thursday, Elle!!


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