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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

To Art Quilting and Beyond - Week 2/Part 3

Today I'm so excited. I've really been looking forward to adding the next layer on this one.

Doing the background felt like putting gesso or a color wash on my canvas. Creating a fun place for all the other bits to play! Now we're going to start to see the life come to the piece....the beginning of the message.

Here is the layout I finally decided on for the next layer.

And here are the stitches I chose to add texture and give each one it's own identity.

The zebra print went down first with black embroidery floss going counter to the zebra stripe pattern.

Not sure if you can see this one very well. I just put random small x's 

I really had fun with this one

And this one with bigger asymmetrical X's

And just a very simple stitch for this one. It was quite busy already.

It is starting to take shape and tell the story it is supposed to be telling. Tomorrow - the really fun part and the final layer!  Or maybe not.......perhaps tomorrow will bring on other things.......


  1. Really effective stitches. I'm surprised at how much the zigzag on the zebra changes the look. So much fun and inspiration!

  2. Thank you Sue!
    Ann - I was surprised as well! I first thought I would stitch it the same direction as the stripes but it was lost and not very interesting. The minute I laid the floss out opposite to the stripes, it is like the print came alive! I. often amazed at how much one little thing like that can impact the feel of a piece.

    Actually it is one of the things I enjoy about our medium...the auditioning and changing and tweaking. Most can be done before the final commitment is made. I LOVE options!!


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