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Thursday, October 8, 2015

To Art Quilting and Beyond - Week 1/Part 4

With the background finished, not I get to play with the fun bits!

So I put the background down on the table and piled all my fun bits next to it to see what fit where. I think this is so much fun...seeing it start to take shape and when you can see the actual final piece in your head.

Before I started quilting I auditioned things and found pretty much what I wanted.

Then when I finished quilting and laying out the actual size of the finished piece, I made some adjustments.
Here is the next audition session.

Now I can reveal the title of this piece. OK...here's where I'm headed.  I plan to make 4 of these little challenge pieces and then put them together in one art quilt. After seeing how this one was coming together, I decided on the four seasons.  This one is "Summer Garden"

Of course, a summer garden needs some summer sun. No yellow paint but who says the sun can't be light green? I used the metal mesh piece as a stencil.

Then some of the darker green as a brush stroke for some subtle movement in the corner.

When looking at it, it became obvious that the "flower" with the puzzle pieces was way too much like a snow flake so that had to change. Stitched the puzzle pieces down with an X of embroidery floss. And added one of the larger buttons in the box.

The painted piece of Tyvek seemed too dark so I flipped it over (fortunately I had painted both side of this one) and liked that much better. I stitched it down with random Xs 

Then I braided a piece of the fabric in the box and stitched it as the outside of the flower. A pearl-esque button in the middle added to lighten up the space.

Now for the flowers on the ground and seeds under the ground.....

This one has both. One flower just popping its head above the ground and a flower-to-be under the ground.

I actually had buttons that went with three of the colors of the stripes in the "top soil" I love the pop of color they add.

So...now it is complete. I'll show you the final piece all together tomorrow!

OK...while I can't see doing a whole quilt by hand, not yet at least, I have to say I have more of an understanding of the process and appreciation for the calmness of it all. I can actually imagine making pieces even without electricity and all my equipment. I enjoy the challenge as well. I hope you are as well!!


  1. I love it how this one is turning out. Well done! I have to admit that I have collected stuff, but have not yet found the time to start.

  2. I especially appreciate the flower made with puzzle pieces. That was clever.

  3. Hi Kelly, I love your sense of adventure with this experiment. I wrote an article on art quilts for Quilting Focus, a quilting directory site and I linked to 'And Then We Set it on Fire' as a great source of technique and inspiration for quilters wanting to stretch their wings into the art quilting genre.
    art quilts

  4. This has been a wonderfully inspiring week. thanks


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