Friday, April 10, 2015

Surface design

I like to work with textiles and textile scraps especially. They inspire me in what to do with them.

Today I want to show you how I used the textile scraps to make cards.

I glued various textile patches, lace, etc. on a textile background and then I added some stitching with sewing machine for a better fit. Then I painted them with acrylic. Once dried, I add some decorative stitches. 


Then I cut rectangular pieces which I have set and glued on cardboard.
From the (1) surface I made these postcards.

 From the second piece (2), I made this...I added some stitches, beads, Angelina fibers, or gauze.

I hope you liked them,


  1. personal cards are a wonderful idea!

  2. these are lovely and fun. i see so many possibilities with what you are doing.

  3. Yes I like them. They are beautiful!

  4. Great idea! They are all lovely.

  5. They look like fun to do. I bet a workshop making them would be fun. It could lead to sharing of materials too.

  6. Such a good idea for using up bits and pieces that are lying around


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