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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Guestblogger Joke Hardenbol part 2

The work shown on above photo is made from fabric paper. I love gel printing and when I have done a demo  I have a whole bunch of printed paper by the end of the day. Most of the time I use old news papers (preferable Chinese or Arab) or used pattern paper (I am fond of recycling). Both types of paper are thin enough to make fabric paper. I do this on a regular base, for instance for book covers (see photo below).

In this case I glued big pieces of fabric  paper and cut these into strips. These strips I have woven and stitched with straight and decorative stitches.
Added Hobbs as a batting and made ‘applications’. These I used  as a background for further decoration. Amongst others Tyvek beads and, metal rings on which I used alcohol ink and other materials.
In case you know my work, you know that my theme has been Goddesses for a number of years. That is my (small) contribution to increase the female energy on this earth. So Goddesses here as well. Made with a home made stamp, based upon images of ancient Goddess statues, stamped upon a piece of fabric, colored, stitched and filled. Under the Goddess a ‘pillow’ with a quote about the three stages of a woman’s life:  the virgin, the mother and the crone.
Finally stamped a gold colored spiral on it, symbol of eternal life. 
When the collages were done, the main problem was: what do I do with them?
It cannot be framed, but it also is too fragile to leave them like that. My first solution was to add a it to a painted canvas about 8 inches bigger than the work, but I was not really happy with that. 

Discussions with other artists did not lead to an adequate solution, so the work remained like that for some time. Then one day while I was working on something else, by coincidence I held the baroque gold colored frame in my hands and placed this for a moment on the work. The light bulb went on J. It needed a bigger background and then in a baroque gold colored frame.

But when I inquired for the price of such a frame, I was told that would be at least € 250,- (US$ 270). Unfortunately that gold colored frame will be a virtual one.


  1. You truly have your own signature, great art Joke!

  2. Wonderful works. I love this kind of creations, are fantastic...do not you try to place them on the textile rigid backround ?

  3. Color,color,color and that wonderful weaving. And who doesn't need more Goddess power!!

  4. Beautiful pieces! I don't think they need the heavy frames though... I would be inclined to mount them on canvas in a series, but however you can, you should have these ready to show. They are wonderfully rich and full of visual interest!

  5. As always you make such lovely pieces Joke, they are a joy to watch.
    I love you're art!
    Very nice to see you here.

  6. These pieces are beautiful! Have you thought about mounting them on acrylic? On my blog - http://fiberdesignsbyann.com/blog/?p=681 I show examples. It is pretty easy and it doesn't take away from the artwork.

  7. I love the pieces and how you finished them.

  8. I luv that woven look and again the colouring and texture are great!


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