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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ecology and art

The world is full of plastic in all forms. Daily we collect plastic bags, plastic bottles, packaging, etc. Plastic bags are everywhere, we get to the supermarket or at the market, then we used to throw them in the trash. What will happen in time with these materials that are not biodegradable? It is a problem that will be difficult to solve. Finally, over the years, the Earth will be "infected" with such non-biodegradable materials that will intoxicate.
I thought recycle them and use them for artistic purposes, ie to create a different type of material, even very interesting, which include it in my artistic work.

Proceed as follows: pieces of plastic, cut the plastic bags, are placed in several layers (4-5 layers depending on their thickness) between two sheets of parchment paper and iron with ironing. It is preferable to work in with ventilatin because you never know what substances may be encountered.

The result is a very interesting material, textures unpredictable, depending on the nature of the plastic material and heat treatment mode.

If the plastic is too thin, it result and some "tearing" or holes.

Then the fused plastics can be painted with acrylic ...

Can be stitched…

Here, I sewed some leaves then I painted with acrylics...

Here I did a combination of plastic with textile and some gold metallic foil. I used machine free motion to do a drawing.

Here, I mixed fused plastics with metallic foil and some stitches…

Important !!! Any ironing can affect the plastic material and can damage what you did before. After painting or sewing is better not to use the iron!!!
In the last photo is the result of this mistake. The sewed plastic, as you saw in the picture above, was ironed over and damaged ... but I solved the problem ... I added some metallic foil under it .

And finally, a CD wrapped with a fused, painted, stitched plastic …a small painting.


  1. I love the way you reused the plastic and put it together with other materials. And that you burned it, gave an other dimension that you can use if you want it. Nice done...

  2. What a great idea Carmina. I actually tried this and it was loads of fun layering up the bags. I made a large envelope for keeping cards.

  3. Early on I experimented some with this technique but was not as successful as you've been at it. This is inspiring me to take another turn at it!

  4. This sounds and looks really neat and right up my alley of something I'd like to try. Thanks!

  5. Fantastic idea, and how beautiful!


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