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Friday, January 23, 2015

Sculptural Tyvek

I found a lovely bead on Pinterest and thought "Oh that would look wonderful in Tyvek.  So I tried.

My first attempt was wrapping some Tyvek around some sea-worn snail shells.  I used the same multi-colored glued on odd bits piece of Tyvek I showed in my last post. Here are the results from several different views since it is 3-D.

 Then I added some specialty yarn.

I haven't decided whether I am going to add beads.  What do you think?

Here is a shell with barnacles attached wrapped in Tyvek.

And here is a last sculptural attempt. Sticks and stone and a little bit of clay.

These are first attempts but by no means last ones!



  1. Holy Cow! I love them all. Those beads are fabulous!!

  2. Your bead experiments are wonderful...and your tenacity and adventuresome spirit are showing through for sure. Really liked the first round a lot, and using the shells is great! Celebrate them with simplicity and let their "I survived" shine! The addition of fabric is amazing. Colour WOW!
    Bethany in Kingston, ON

  3. The sculpture says it all. Happy Dance!

  4. Very interesting, like creating nests for the shells. I like them.

  5. These are fantastic, but I'm not sure how you did it. Did you place the shells on top of the painted Tyvek and then hit it with a heat gun to make the Tyvek wrap around them?


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