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Friday, September 12, 2014

Distressed Doors Tutorial: Paint Effects on Patterned Fabrics I

Having seen  the effect of paint on plain fabrics, now try them on patterned material based on photos and sketches of a door set in a crumbling whitewashed  wall.


The fabrics used here include a mono-print ‘door’ set in a doorframe of matching hand dyed fabric with a thin ‘shadow’ of black and blue batik. The ‘wall’ fabric is an African waxprint- this might seem an unlikely choice but once painted, it will give a livelier appearance than a more conventional print or plain fabric. Make up sandwich with low loft wadding and backing and secure with safety pins.

            One of the problems with using highly patterned fabrics is marking out patterns for stitching. Thin masking tape (5mm width or similar) works very well but be careful not to stitch through it as it can gum up machine needles.
Simplified stitching patterns for the wall area can be obtained by drawing round the main shapes on a photograph with a felt tip or marking pen.

Use free machine quilting to emphasise the woodgrain patterns on the door and the spaces between the stones.  Leave some areas un-quilted

Once stitching is complete, trim off excess wadding and backing and mount the quilt securely on a drawing board  with masking tape ensuring it has a taut surface.

Next step: painting


  1. It is scary to paint on such a nice quilt.

  2. LOVE the background fabric for the wall! I have fabrics in mind that I would not use for anything else so this is a great idea for them!

  3. You certainly have a vision with the African wax print. I look forward to seeing how you develop it into looking like a stone wall using paint.


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