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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Distressed Door Tutorial : Monoprint with wood-graining tool

·         Graining tools used in the decorating trade to produce woodgrain effects on furniture can be used to produce interesting monoprints using acrylic paints.

·         Place a white plastic bag on newspaper. Squeeze a small amount of acrylic paint onto the surface , add a little water and brush out the paint over the surface to the size of your fabric piece.

  • Using the wood graining tool, drag it across the surface of the paint as you smoothly rock and roll the tool back and forth. Each time you rock it, the appearance of a knot in the wood will appear. After each stroke wipe the graining tool with a rag and repeat the process until you have covered the whole area.
  • Carefully place a piece of fabric over the paint and press firmly to transfer the paint to the fabric then peel fabric off and place on  newspaper to dry Wash brushes and tools thoroughly to prevent paint drying on them.

  • Machine or hand stitch following the outlines of the printed woodgrain patterns

  • If you wish, apply more paint with a palette knife to emphasise the contours.


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