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Thursday, April 24, 2014

What to do with the fabric - part 3

Colourgradation, warm from yellow to red, and cool, from green to blue. They want to dance, so I thought of a project to combine them. 

 Made a drawing on paperbacked fusible web and started cutting, for hours actually,

but loved the final result:

And lucky me (or did I think it over before I started dyeing :-), there was a second set of fabric that can be combined the opposite way:

A lot of stitching, as the piece is about 3 meters wide, but I like this zen-type of stitching, just following lines!

In this piece, the coloured fabric is really the Prima Donna. I humbly serve by stitching the fabrics together;-). Happy stitching to all of you and be the servant your fabric deserves!


  1. What a good servant you are!

  2. how ever did you get it all to lie down flat and true cutting it out and then fusing it to background, I would probably distort or stretch it. Great result, very vibrant.

  3. You don 't have to be so humble. You did a wonderful job.

  4. It's beautiful. How did you keep it from distorting after it was cut and before fusing? I did something similar a few years ago and had a tangled mess that took forever to get fused down properly.

  5. Absolutely stunning! Definitely something that would need some thought and patience, but well worth it!

  6. Beautiful intricate work! You must have good eyesight.

  7. Marvelous use of the fabrics! You certainly are the servant they deserve.


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