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Friday, April 4, 2014

Painting fabric

There is nothing quite as fast and easy as painting fabric. For these first few pieces, I used Seta-Silk which is a transparent thin but highly pigmented paint. There is also Seta-Color as well as Pro-Chem fabric paints and ProChem also has new transparent colors called Decorator Colors and they are very inexpensive.

This is about 12 X 36. I applied the paint to one side and it was so  wet I blotted it with the other side of the fabric.

This is similar to sky dyes. Apply the paint and use a sprayer to wet and move the fabric.

This was crumpled into a ball after applying the paint and water.

This got it's unique marking from the bin bag I laid it on to dry.

Word of warning. Make sure there is nothing printed on your bin bags.

A nice piece with many colors and gold metallic paint as well.

 Purple and black paint with a muscle shell motif in gold paint.

Elmer's washable glue applied before paint. Let the glue dry and add your paint.

This was a large piece I made with paint, salt added to the surface, stamps, thermofax screens and masking tape resist. I made this pencil case out of this fabric.

Now these are just examples of overall paint on fabric. I haven't even mentioned using hand carved stamps.

or objects like leaves

Get out that paint and start to play!


  1. Beautiful, Beth! I love your pencil case... so lovely with all the embellishments!

  2. LOVE all this...
    the image transfer is awesome = )


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