Thursday, April 10, 2014

What to do with the fabric - part 1

Hand-dyed fabric is by far my favourite fabric. But I always feel a bit uncomfortable how I could use the fabric at its best advantage. What does the fabric tell me to do with it, an everlasting process. This month, I want to share some projects where the fabric is not only the base, but also the centerpoint in the work I made. Especially because people often ask me: 'But what do you do with all that hand-dyed fabric...'. And yes, I have some stash ;-), we do need a palet to choose from!

This riverview was made last year from a picture. But in fact, it's not only the picture but the fabric that plays an important role in this setting, a snowdyed piece with lots of drama in it:

I was careful for light and dark placement, as you can see at the photocopie on the left.
By starting the intense stitching, I was happy with my choice:

I absolutely love the piece in this stage.
After finishing it, I  learned another important lesson: 
If you want the fabric to play an important role, it needs 'emptiness' to shine! 
So be careful what you put on top of it!


  1. You certainly had a "vision" for this fabric, Your thread painted quilt is one of my favorites that you have done.

  2. I enjoyed watching the design take shape!

  3. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing...


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